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Face Mask - Washable cotton cloth with filter pocket model




Washable reusable cotton face masks. With lining pocket for adding your own extra filter if required
All of our masks have been washed and ironed before packing.

Note that these masks are intended for personal use and are not certified to meet any medical or other standards. 
NB:   We do not supply filters of any kind

Made in Australia
$10 flat rate Express shipping within Australia
$8.00 Standard shipping with tracking within Australia

Basic Model     Double breathable layered cotton fabric. Stitched around the outside
as well as up the bridge both inside and outside. This version comes with a pocket in the lining so that if you want to place extra filtration in you can do so.

4 sizes               Large - Medium - Small - Extra Small

How to measure which size you require. 
 As an aid for the picking the correct size mask to order, please check by measuring the distance as in the drawing below with the tape measure. Compare your measurements with the list below. If you have any difficulty or need a different size to those shown we make, please contact us via email or phone.  Contact us      

Large Mask             15cm
Medium Mask         14cm
Small Mask              12.5cm

Extra Small Mask     11cm   

 A long elastic is supplied, you can adjust the elastic, for use behind the ears, or tied behind the head if preferred, as shown in the sizing picture.

Washing instructions   Please use a laundry bag when washing, to save elastic entanglement. We recommend that you wash and iron your face mask before wearing.

Due to the nature of this item we are unable to accept returns or exchanges, please choose carefully.

NB:   We do not supply filters of any kind