Felicity Large Tote Bag

felciity tote bags shows variety

We have developed our Felicity tote bag over many years to be unique, versatile, and beautiful. Even though the construction is basically the same we are able to make these bags one off.  Our whole train of thought is to make each bag unique and not to repeat the look. This is not only true for the outside but also for the inside as well. This all takes time and a great deal of thought and collaboration within our design team.  The aim is to give to our customers a bag that is for them and only them, an individual bag. When you purchase one of our bags you are purchasing the only one that has been made once they are sold they will never be back for sale.  You will never see your bag on someone else's arm.

        Felicity Yelow and grey snake printed leather   Felicity navy kangaroo and white leather


There are many more variations in our Felicity range.

This range of tote bags has been named after our beautiful oldest granddaughter who has grown into the most wonderful young woman.






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