About Us

Welcome to Wild Harry, we are an exciting new retail business creating luxury hand crafted leather goods & accessories, all made in our design studio / factory, here in Central Queensland, Australia.

We have been manufacturing crocodile leather goods to the highest of international standards for many high end luxury brands. To achieve our consistently high quality products, our very skilled team are passionate about sending each item out with the highest standard of finish.  Our team's passion for leather & hand crafted accessories, assures you the customer, the highest standard of quality and durability that we have been providing our customers with, for over 25 years.

Our factory is established 20 kilometres north of Rockhampton and is surrounded by over 520 hand planted eucalypt trees.  These were planted to reduce the carbon footprint of operating our business.  Many more hectares of natural bushland as well are held in reserve for this purpose.  Our aim is to always be running well in excess of Australia's carbon neutral guidelines.

Here at the Wild Harry design studio we enjoy creating new styles and reinventing our most popular.  To keep up with market demands our skilled design team are continuously taking inspiration from everything around them.

At Wild Harry we are colourful, unique, inspiring and always individual.

Since the beginning, our manufacturing business has had a loyal customer base that are committed to buying Australian made, high quality leather goods & accessories.  These customers have for many years urged us to open an online store.
In developing our new online store, we have created our brand "Wild Harry".  Previously we traded under our family name "DLF": therefore some of our products have the manufacturing logo "DLF" and other products our new identity "Wild Harry"  There is no difference in the quality or finish of our product.

We do not import fully or part made leather products from outside of our factory.  We follow Australian rules and regulations.
However we do import some fabrics, zipping and fittings from Japan or Italy.  This is done occasionally as we are unable to obtain the highest quality trimmings needed from within Australia.


                                              Please Enjoy

E-mail us: contact@wildharry.com.au