Patchwork leather products

Patchwork leather work on Michaela zip around purses, cushion covers and Emily tote bags

In our business we have lots of leather pieces not used in the making of the original products. We keep almost all of our left over pieces even the smallest of pieces as we can use them in our jewellery. As we have quite a range of textures, colours and skins it is hard to use them up. We hit upon this idea of making up our products using this patchwork technique, and they look fabulous. Below are our Emily tote bags in the patchwork

Hair on Hide patchwork Emily tote bag end view    Emily patchwork tote bagEmily patfchwork tote bag

We have even tried this technique with our Michaela zip around purses & we even did one of our cushion covers which looks great.

Michaela zip around purse patchwork   Michaela zip around purse blue and taups     Cushion cover patchwork

This is one of the many ways that we try to not be wasteful and damage the earth using what is available and creating something useful, unique as well as beautiful.

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