Pens to mark special occasions indivual and stylish

Pens covered in leather various styles

When signing important documents such as a marriage certificate, the opening of your new business, or simply any occasion that to you is very special; a beautiful pen is the perfect way to mark the occasion.

We have been covering pen for many years now mostly in crocodile for our crocodile clients. These pens are high end with wonderful finishes and designs. Wild Harry is now making a small range of these pens covered in leather in its various forms, plain colour, printed leathers and ostrich skins and legs.

Leather covered Professor pens Pen Majestic ostrich leg Pen Copper Sierra Pen sierra silver flat top in black leather    Pens sierra round gold top covered in leather and ostrich leg Pens sierra stylist covered in leather

As time goes on we will be adding further to our range of pens. At the moment there are several styles that are available, all come in a black box.


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