Lighter cover Ostrich skin leather

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This is a disposable lighter cover and is a very popular product, as it changes your plastic disposable lighter into a thing of beauty.  Showing of your good taste in your accessories, looking smart and eye catching. Beware that when out at the pub or night club your lighter with this cover may disappear.  We do not supply the disposable lighter with the purchase of the lighter cover.

Made in Australia

These lighter covers are made using Australian grown and tanned Ostrich skins and legs

The legs of the Ostrich have a very distinct appearance quite rough and scaly, while the body skin is soft and usually has raised bumps however some of these have the quill bumps flattened.

These are lined so that the outside skin does not stretch and the lighter is more easily exchanged when empty.


Fits a disposable Bic lighter   8xcm Height x 2.5cm across the bottom

All fittings, leathers, fabrics and finishes are of the highest quality.

All money, phones, pens, disposable lighter and cards shown are not supplied with the purchase of any of our products, they are for display purposes only.


Please enjoy