• The hardware for our Bree bracelet range of jewellery and cuff links are hand crafted in Sydney to our design specifications and at Wild Harry we decide what piece of leather we use to create a unique piece.
  • We hand make the shell for our Kim range of bangles and hand cover here in our factory.  Handmade from beginning to end by us to become unique individual pieces. Some plain some WOW
  • Our wrist strap fittings are imported however the leather straps are made and designed by Wild Harry.
  • We have now added ring boxes to our jewellery collection.
  • Remember that we only make items once - once they are sold they will not be repeated exactly the same as the one that got away.
  • Made in Australia by an Australian designer and manufacturer Wild Harry.

Wild Harry

Bree Bracelets Leather - costume jewellery

From $59.99 AUD - $79.99 AUD

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