Willa has over 25 years of experience in the leather industry.  A skilled seamstress with a flare for photography.  Always willing to try new ideas, experimenting with different concepts, this is noticeable in Willa styled products.
Rocky Aussie has over 30 years experience in the leather industry that began with shoe making.  Aussie has added many techniques to his vast skill set.  Aussie has a very strong attention to detail, doing all of the auto cad drawings and pattern making.  Aussie has a wide range of positions to fill and does not always have the time to do the styling of products.
 TooJolly has been a very valuable member of our team for 9 years, and is an extra pair of hands that can assist with multiple tasks.  TooJolly likes to style products that reflect the fun side of life, bright and colourful.
 LC has been working with us for 8 years, is a skilled machinist and is excellent at fine detail work.  LC enjoys the outdoors and her styling reflects this with the use of lots of earthy tones
 Adelaide has been working with us for 9.5 years.  Adelaide has a keen eye for detail and likes things to look just right.  Simple elegance is the idea behind Adelaide's styling.
 Alexander has been working with us for 13 years.  Alexander has very individual tastes that are reflected in the styling of his products.  Alexander is very involved with our tec side of the business and works with Aussie on new techniques and ideas for new products.  As he works in a range of different departments  he also has a limited opportunity to style products.
MEGS has been with us for just over a year now. MEGS is mostly involved in the belt making section, and has become very skilled at edging our products. Due to the departments MEGS works in, there is not the opportunity to style products regularly.
Mr Harry is a collaboration of stylists working together to make a product.  .