Belt - Crocodile Hornback - 38mm wide

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Hand crafted from farmed Australian saltwater crocodile skin. The belts have a veg tan cow hide backing and extension. Our buckle attachment method allows for changing of buckles and shortening of the belt. We use oval holes for the buckle tongue, for a more comfortable fit. All our buckles and keepers are solid brass, the buckles on black belts have a nickel plating. If you would like a brass buckle on a black belt or vice versa, please contact us.

Wild Harry belts are no different to any of the other products made at Wild Harry. They are built to last and for a very long time. They are finished well, look great and any wearer would be proud to be seen with one on.

This product is only for sale within Australia.

How to buy the correct sized belt?

We recommend selecting a belt that is 2 inches larger than your usual pants size to make sure it fits you comfortably. This is not the best way as some clothing manufacturers mark their sizes differently.

If you have a previously worn belt that you can measure, it is a better way to get it right. Measure from the hole currently being used to the end of the strap (not including the buckle) as shown in the diagram below. Inches or centimetres is fine.
The next best way is by using a tape measure and measuring around where the belt will be sitting on the wearer when worn.  This may not be the waist or the hips.
Our belt measurements are taken from the point the strap meets the buckle to the middle hole.

Wild Harry belts have one advantage in this area as they have a removable buckle leather piece that is secured by two heavy duty screw posts. This allows the belt to be shortened to get a perfect fit if needed.

belt sizing guide for length
The crocodile leather used in this product has been farmed in accordance with an approved conservation program in full compliance with the requirements of CITES and the Nature Conservation Act 1992.