Holster style mobile phone case

Phone case being stood on by 107KG man and a close up of the case under foot with phone inside

Our new hard shelled phone case, designed, fully developed & made here at our studio in Central Queensland. The hard shell is 3D printed to our design and then covered & lined in leather. There are 2 ways to attach to you belt, to your preference.
We have a property with livestock which require being cared for, fencing and general maintenance, etc. We do not like to have our phones in our pockets as they are easily broken or fall out. To date we have not taken our mobile phones with us when out working. You also miss any great photo opportunities that may happen. So Brian decided to make a tough hard working phone case that keeps the sometimes very expensive & large phones safe with easy access.

Phone case holster style

Here our very stylish model (107kg) is standing on one of the cases in the first photo. The second photo shows the optional mounting arrangements for wearing. It can be directly clipped onto a belt or attached via the belt strap which allows a wider range of movement for the phone to not get in the way whilst sitting, squatting or even performing in a ballet if you wish.

Holster style phone case being stood on to show strengthHolster style phone case showing the belt attachments

These photos show how the case attaches to the belt using the belt strap

Holster style phone case belt strap attachmentHolster style phone case showing case being attached to belt strapHolster style phone case attached onto the belt fully using belt strap attachment

You can also wear it without the belt strap, simply attached directly to the belt

Phone case attached directly to the belt

We have two variations of our holster style phone case in 3 different colours; black, dark brown or ox blood.  You can choose to have matching thread or gold thread.

Holster large phone caseHolster phone case gold stitching

We have done a lot of size checking and can say that it should fit all of the popular phone types available except for one of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra G9880 phones. Internal size is 160mm x 83mm x 22mm. This will take most phones with a protector case on as well. The extra depth of our case is to accommodate the stick on finger holders that have become a popular add on.
If there are any concerns regarding the fit of your particular phone, please contact us.

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