Our latest photo shoot some behind the scenes photos

Our photo shoot Riley bag and Cruise the dog

Wild Harry spent a glorious Sunday afternoon over at our old cow yards with the wonderful Kerri L'Estrange photographer extraordinaire.  

We want to share with you some of our behind the scenes photos of this lovely afternoon that was filled with laughter and light.
After a very hot day we started shooting around 5pm with the sun drifting down behind the tall gum trees filtering the light between their limbs. A light breeze was softly moving the leaves of the trees and grasses, the air was filled with soft light, a cool breeze, and the scent of the bush after a hot summers day. In other words a truly beautiful Queensland summers afternoon.

Behind the scenes photo shoot November 2020Wild Harry behind the scenes photo shoot November 2020Wild Harry photo shoot Nobember 2020 behind the scenen

Our lovely models  for the afternoon are  @kaitlynmburton   @behotpt
and the very lovely Jo Burton. A family affair mother, daughter & aunt shared an afternoon together in the bush with the Wild Harry family.

The beautiful clothing and shoes were very generously supplied by Va Voom Fashion, the go to boutique located here in Rockhampton.

                                                  Katlyn & Jo Burton with Bec Hayes Wild Harry models 

The rest of the Wild Harry family also had a wonderful afternoon. The dogs Ben & Cruise had an afternoon before the cameras showing their best sides. They are 2 rescue dogs that have been with us for almost 3 years now, they enjoy company and the bush, their idea of a fun afternoon.

Ben the dog hogging all of the attention at the Wild Harry November 2020 phtoto shootCruise at the Wild Harry November 2020 photo shootBen the dog with a big smile at the Wild Harry November 2020 photo shoot

Brian was the bag man for the afternoon and as you can see enjoyed the job. He actually did not expect that his photos was being taken nor did he expect it to be all over Wild Harry socials.

                                           Brian the bag man and Ben the dog at the Wild Harry November 2020 photo shoot

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these behind the scenes photos as much as we enjoyed the afternoon. A huge thank you to Kerri, Kaitlyn, Bec, Jo, Brian, Ben & Cruise.



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